Coming Soon...

When we have huskies available for adoption, you will be given the option to sponsor them here.

A sponsor is someone who graciously agrees to pay for some or all of the expenses associated with a particular husky.

Example: Kody Bear is a special-need medical husky and has type II diabetes. Kody Bear will need insulin, needles, a blood glucose meter, test strips, and more frequent visits to the veterinarian, etc.

So James and his wife Carrie decide to donate $50.00 every month for the care of Kody Bear while he is in foster care and has even opted to continue this for the life of Kody Bear when he reaches his new home. so James and Carrie are now sponsoring.

This obviously is an extreme example, but it's a taste of how this could work. You can choose to do a little or a lot. Either way your monthly contribution goes directly to the continued care of which ever husky you choose.