KD's Husky Rescue AZ was founded to provide a loving life for adoptable huskies and assist with the overpopulation of high-kill shelters, and abandoned or surrendered huskies.

KD's Husky Rescue AZ's mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome huskies in crisis, ensuring healthy pets through education, advocacy, and inspiration within the community.

Rescue Structure:

KD's Husky Rescue AZ will be dedicated to saving huskies specifically to overcome the deluge of huskies in need in Arizona.  This will be conducted through community outreach- volunteers, fosters, transporters, and adopters.

Key Principles:

  • Reduce overpopulation through neutering/spaying.

  • Provide temporary foster homes that help these huskies heal and decompress with the love of human companionship.

  • Entice the community to be involved by scheduling adoption, social events, and awareness of the breed.

  • Securing the help of fosters, adopters, and community partners to support the non-profit mission.