How else can you help?

Monetary donations are one of the simplest ways to support KDS Husky Rescue AZ, as the much-needed money can provide for many uses such as medical, food, rehabilitation, etc. Here is a list of other ways to support this.

  • Volunteering your time is an excellent and rewarding way to support a rescue. community. Help at events, handling, set up/take down, and transporting are to name a few.

  • Put your talents to good use, whether it be using your writing skills, creativeness in making fliers, graphic artistry, etc. There is no limit to the talents you may have to offer.

  • Ask friends and family, and spread the word using social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). Reach out to local dog-friendly stores.

  • Shopping with Amazon Smile, and others KDS Husky Rescue AZ will be affiliated with.

  • Most of all just show up at fundraising and adoption events and have fun!

Remember to fill out your volunteer application.  Let’s get ready to save a husky’s life today.